Why 0800 Will Increase Your Sales

There are many reasons why a 0800 number will increase your sales as a business. Customers expect any established business to have a 0800 number. Having a 0800 number will allow you to use a vanity number, which will help customers memorize your number without even knowing it, and it will provide a free and easy way for those interested to contact your business. These three factors all contribute to an increase in sales for your business. Below, we will talk in more details about what these factors are, and how they will help your company grow.

It’s Expected

The simplest way to explain this, is that it is expected. When a potential customer looks up your business, they are going to expect to see a 0800 number that they can use to reach you. Whether it is on an advertisement, on your website, or in a business directory, a 0800 number is expected from every business. Occasionally, the absence of a 0800 number can cause issues. It may give the impression that your company is not established or that it does not have a physical location. This can do a lot to dissuade your customers from using your business altogether.

Establishing Your Business

Warranted or not, people tend to trust a business that has a physical location more than one that operates remotely. This is an effect that was created due to all the online pyramid schemes that popped up in the beginning of the Internet. Before people knew how to protect themselves online, scammers took advantage of the opportunities that the Internet presented to them. They made fake companies that only existed online with the sole purpose of ripping off unsuspecting customers. Although this type of scam is no longer prevalent, it still lingers in the minds of many. This is why people will be much more likely to trust an online merchant or business if they see that they have a physical location, no matter where that may be.

How Can A 0800 Number Help

A 0800 number will help establish trust between your business and your customer. Even though you do not necessarily need to have a physical location to obtain a 0800 number, it still has been shown to create that impression to the visitor. As a business, if you want to establish your company and distance it from the websites that are only out to scam customers, obtaining a 0800 number is one of the steps that will help you achieve this.

Introducing Vanity Numbers

Have you ever seen an infomercial selling a product that had a customized number at the end? For example: 0 0800 FLORIST. This type of number is a lot easier to remember than the numerical version of it: 0 0800 361 86 85.

This is why we see vanity numbers all over the place. If you simply give a customer an 11 digit number that they have to write down in order to contact your business, there is a high likelihood that they will not bother to do that, therefore, they will lose the ability to get a hold of the company.

Instead, you can provide a vanity number to work around this issue. A number like that is extremely easy for a listener to recall. It’s easy for them to recite it in their head, and recall it right away, or recall it from their memory hours or days later.
Vanity numbers are also relatively cheap to rent. You will typically have to pay for them monthly; however, the benefits that they provide significantly outweigh their cost. If you do advertise with a number already, replacing it with a vanity number should give you a significant spike in calls almost overnight.

If you are not currently advertising with your number displayed, you are missing out on a large quantity of people that would otherwise be able to contact you using their preferred method of communication: the phone. A 0800 number allows you to implement a phone number into your ads in a professional way.

There is an infinite amount of vanity numbers that you can choose from. You cannot take a number that is already being used, but you can make a variation of it. Without any limitations, there are countless vanity number variations that will work great for your business, no matter what industry you are in.

Once you implement an easy to remember vanity number, you can prepare yourself for a higher volume of incoming calls. The more calls you receive, the more chances you will have to convert those callers into new customers for your business. The more calls you have, the more sales you will be able to make.

Don’t Charge Your Customers for Contacting You

Without a free phone number, your customers will have to effectively pay just for the right to communicate with you. This is not what you want. Although it will cost your business money, it pales in comparison to the benefits that giving your customers an easy way to reach you will bring.

Giving your customers a free and easy way to communicate with you is important if you are using the number of sales, customer support or everything in general. You don’t want it to be a hassle for your customers to contact you, and providing a free phone number is the best way to do that.

In the end, providing your customers with a free phone number that they can use to reach you will increase the amount of calls that you receive, which will result in an increase in sales.

Why You Need a 0800 Number to Increase Your Sales

These are just a few of the many factors of how a 0800 number can drive up your sales. If you run any type of business, no matter how big or small it is, a 0800 number is a must-have. It will help you generate more leads, and drive up your total sales as a business. You may be surprised at how effective it is as a marketing tool.