Mobile App for 0800 Calls

0800 numbers are very attractive to consumers mainly because they can make calls for inquiries, concerns or anything else to businesses without having to pay even a single penny. However, before July 1, 2015, calling 0800 numbers was only free on landline and not on mobile phone users. Thus, mobile phone users end up accumulating huge mobile phone bills whenever they call 0800 numbers.
In the past, mobile phone service providers would often charge callers up to 41 pence per minute when they call 0800, 0808 as well as 0500 numbers. Fortunately, some companies decided to circumvent these charges and create apps that will help mobile phone users. Hence, free 0800 numbers app was made.
What’s a free 0800 numbers app?

Free 0800 app was an Android and iOS application that allowed users to dial 0800, 0800 as well as 0500 numbers for free. The free 0800 app was a huge money saving application that allowed mobile users to dial these numbers as part of their network providers’ inclusive minutes. It was really a magical app and a lot of mobile users in the UK have downloaded these applications online in order to dial 0800 numbers for free.
How does this app for free 0800 calls work?

When dialling app for free 0800 calls, these application would assign a 01, 02 or 03 number to dial in its place. The application would then ensure that the call will go where it should be – the business the users are calling in the first place. The call would then be covered by the inclusive minutes or it will be charged as a standard geographical number if the user has used up all his or her inclusive minutes.
Consumer’s reception

0800 free app have gained positive response from mobile users. Most users find these applications helpful because they can use it as a normal dialler and can call mobile or landline numbers from it. These applications are for free and cost nothing to download online. Most of all, 0800 free app was easy to use and didn’t cause any problem with their existing mobile phone service provider.
But things changed

Last July 1, 2015, 0800 numbers became free to call to mobile phone users. Mobile phone users can directly dial 0800 numbers without incurring additional charges, even if they have fully consumed their inclusive minutes. Thus, a lot of people would say no to 0800 app because it is now practically free on mobile phone.