Get an 0800 Number from reputable companies

City Numbers offers 0800 numbers and explains why getting an 0800 number for your company is a good idea:

0800 Numbers

0800 Numbers Free To Call From Mobile

Calling 0800 Numbers from mobile phones is now free (as of 1st July 2015).

Due to this change by Ofcom, customers who receive calls on 0800 numbers from mobile phones will pay a surcharge of 5p per minute at all times.

What are 0800 Numbers?

An 0800 number is a simple way to give your business a more professional, established image and increase customer enquiries as they are free call from landline phones.

These are one of the most popular number ranges in the UK and they are well known for being free to call. The UK does have two other free lines, 0500 and 0808; however 0800 is the most widely recognised.

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