Cost of Calls to 0800 Numbers

We customers love to get something out of nothing – from products or services – even including making phone calls. This is why businesses with 0800 numbers hold a lot of charm to customers.
0800 numbers are Freephone numbers and calling 0800 numbers cost virtually nothing at all. Since the cost of 0800 numbers is nil, a huge burden is lifted off from the shoulders of calling customers. When calling a business, whether it is for the purpose of making a purchase or resolving a problem or making an inquiry, a caller would have to spend a lot of time over the phone. If the customer spends a lot of time over the phone, then he would end up incurring a huge bill.
Since calling a 0800 number cost nothing, a customer will be able to spend more time on the phone. They will have more time to get to know a business, product and service – figuring out whether it would be suitable for their needs.
So who pays the cost 0800 numbers bring?
The business using the number will shoulder the cost of 0800 calls and not the caller.
But why would businesses shoulder the 0800 telephone numbers cost?
Actually it is pretty simple. Businesses shoulder the cost for 0800 numbers simply because they want to show that they care and that they value their customers. Moreover, by shouldering the cost of an 0800 number, the business will convince people to call them because they won’t be charged with the 0800 call cost. Furthermore, this number brings plenty of benefits such as:
• Zero price barriers for calls.
• It nationalizes a business.
• Gives advantage over other business with no 0800 numbers.
• Increase advertising response.
• Attract more customers.
• Convey a more professional image.
• They are portable.
• Numbers are permanent.
• Provide information for advertising campaigns.
• Monitor effectiveness of each campaign.
• More
With the many benefits it offers, shouldering the cost of calling 0800 numbers is worth it.
0800 number charges is better than others

Indeed, there are other packages that businesses can use for their sales, promotions and marketing like numbers that start with 084, 087, 118 and 09. However, between the call charges for 0800 numbers and these numbers, there exists a huge difference. According to study, UK callers spend 250 million hours calling 084, 087, 118 and 09 numbers and together they cost around £900 million, whereas the charges for 0800 numbers are zero.
Worse, consumers don’t understand how much they would be charged when calling these numbers because service providers fail to provide clear explanations. On the other hand, most users know from the start that 0800 call charges are zero.
Since when did 0800 calls cost became free?
The cost to call 0800 numbers was free ever since it was introduced in the UK in 1985 and ever since then the cost to call 0800 numbers has remained zero. This ground breaking phone service became increasingly popular over the years and have grown to become one of the most effective marketing tool to build brand image and customer base. Paying for 0800 phone charges would also develop a substantial amount of sales leads.
How much would businesses pay to shoulder the cost of calls to 0800 numbers?
How much do 0800 numbers cost? Do 0800 numbers cost a lot? These are questions businesses would like to know when considering a 0800 number. There’s no fixed rate for 0800 charges. This is because each VoIP and telephone service provider differs from one another. 0800 cost may differ according to the service and features each service provider would provide. Also, the cost of 0800 numbers from mobile would differ from the 0800 phone numbers charges.

Call charges 0800 for landline users are 2-11 pence per minute outside of the included minutes, whereas, the 0800 mobile cost is up to 40 pence per minute. It is very clear that cost of 0800 from mobile is new more expensive than on landline, which is really understandable since 0800 on mobile is practically new. As a matter of fact, the cost of 0800 number from mobile only became free last July 1, 2015.
Furthermore, the 0800 number cost from mobile and telephone would become more expensive depending on how memorable the number is. For example, the 0800 numbers mobile cost would be more expensive if it has a repeated digit pattern like 0800 888 5454, while the cost of calling 0800 from mobile would be significantly lower if it has a digit patter like 0800 823 5436. The mobile 0800 charges for businesses would further increase the more repetitive digits are used – the 0800 mobile charges for the number 0800 888 8888 will be higher than the number 0800 888 5454.
Overall, the charges for 0800 numbers from mobile and landline will be free for users while businesses would have to spend a lot in order to shoulder the 0800 cost mobile and landline has. But regardless of these charges for 0800 numbers from mobiles, businesses would be able to enjoy benefits that would greatly boost their growth.