If you open any newspaper, look through your local infomercials or look up at any billboard, you will see a 0800 number displayed in bright bold numbers. We see them everywhere, but why is this? Why are 0800 numbers so common in the business world? Below, we will answer that question for you. We will go over some of the benefits that 0800 numbers will provide for your business, and explain why people respond so favorably to them.

Free to Use

The most obvious reason as to why people love free phone numbers is simply because it’s free for them to use. There is no charge at any point for customers and non-customers alike to call a free phone number. This removes any barrier that would otherwise prevent those people from calling in the first place. A free phone number creates a communication channel where the customer can connect to the business instantly without being charged on their phone bill or anywhere else.

Automated System

A business can set up an automated system that will guide the caller through the proper channels based on the reason they are calling. This is an effective way to speed up the process for both the caller and the business. When the caller dials the number, they will be prompted with an automated message. The message will give them choices in which they can select. Each choice will relate to a different topic that they may be calling about.

For example, an automated system may start with the language that the customer wants to use. The next prompt may ask them what department they want to be connected to. This can include a customer service agent, the tech department, the returns office or anything else that may be related to the business.

An automated system will also accept extensions. A customer can input an extension to be connected to a specific line or person immediately.
The end goal of an automated system is to take the caller to the exact place that they want to be, as quickly as possible. The advantage of this for the business is that it minimizes the amount of time that their customer service agents have to spend with each caller. This allows them to cycle through more calls and field more questions from their customers over the course of the day.

This makes a significant impact for larger companies. While smaller companies can get away with a basic automated system or no system at all, large companies can save a lot of money by implementing a system like this.

From the company’s perspective, an automated system will cut down on a lot of the man-hours that would otherwise be spent connecting each caller to the extension that they are trying to reach. Instead, the system will do all this work for them.

From the caller’s perspective, an automated system will be a familiar experience for them. Most companies use some type of automated system for their 0800 number. The caller benefits by being able to connect to the department that would be able to best help them with their query. If they simply contact a customer service agent right away, it will slow down the process entirely.

Imagine having to explain your question when the agent answers your phone, and all over again once you are connected to the right department. An automated system allows the caller to bypass all of this.

Everyone Loves Vanity Numbers

It’s hard to remember an 11 digit phone number, even if four of those digits are the standard 0800. Vanity numbers allow businesses to replace numbers with words that are a lot easier to remember.

A common example of this is 0800 FLOWERS. In numerical form, this number will be too difficult for anyone to remember. The vanity version of this number however, will be easy for anyone to remember.

Both the caller and the business will gain benefits from vanity numbers. The caller won’t have to bother writing down the number that they have to remember. This will make them more likely to call since the problem of memorizing the number is no longer an issue. For the business, a vanity number will result in a higher number of phone calls for that same reason. The more calls they are receiving, the more opportunities there are for the business to convert those callers into leads.

People Trust 0800 Numbers

When it comes to a business, people trust 0800 numbers. People are used to seeing these numbers everywhere these days. It has reached the point where if you don’t have a 0800 number, it may negatively impact the credibility of your business from the customer’s point of view.

When they look at your website or see an ad, they expect to see your 0800 number displayed in front of them. If it is missing, that may raise concerns. If you want customers to be able to trust your business, you should provide them with a 0800 number that they can reach you through.

The Benefits of 0800 Numbers

People love 0800 numbers. Callers directly benefit from the free means of communication that it provides to them, and the vanity numbers make them some of the easiest four numbers to memorize.

This has direct advantages for both the customer and businesses alike. Automated systems streamline the process of connecting the caller with the department that they are looking to reach. An automated system like this will speed up the process from start to finish for the caller whenever they need to talk to someone specifically.

When it comes to 0800 numbers, your customers have an expectation that they will be able to find and use it to have any other questions or issues resolved. They expect the process to be streamlined and efficient for them. They are easy to remember, and they provide a way for customers to communicate directly with the business instantaneously. These are just some of the many reasons why people love 0800 numbers.