Are 0800 Numbers Free from Landline

Sales, marketing and driving customers to the business are all important aspects for any business. A business cannot simply survive the market without the effort needed to reach out to customers. The best way to attract customers is to reach out to them and give them the opportunity to reach back as well. This can be done by calling customers and providing a number that will allow them to call the business if they have any concern, inquiry, problem or question. With that, it is vital to make use of free 0800 numbers.
What are free 0800 numbers?

A 0800 free number is a number often used by businesses because of the potent marketing capabilities it offers. A 0800 free number is used either for marketing the business’ products and services or for customer support and sales lines.
Are 0800 numbers free from a landline?
Yes! Free 0800 numbers would cost not a single penny when calling from a landline. Numbers that start with 0800 or 0808 are considered as free-to-call numbers. This is the most interesting feature about free 0800 numbers. Because these numbers are free, potential and existing customers would be more inclined to call the business since they are not paying for anything.
Who will shoulder the costs for 0800 numbers free?

For 0800 numbers free, it is the business that will shoulder the costs. The business would need to pay for a line rental in order to acquire a 0800 free number. Line rental fees would vary according to the VoIP or telephone service provider. Some would be as low as £10.00 or go as much as £15. Aside from the monthly rentals, businesses would have to pay for the minutes spent by callers. Call charges per minute would vary as well from 2-5 p per minute. There’s also a mobile access charge of 15-45p per minute for mobile users.

Is it worth it?
Considering the costs of acquiring and maintaining free 0800 numbers, setting up one is indeed unfavourable to the business. However, if we consider the huge volume of calls a business would receive from call 0800 free numbers, the cost is worth it.
Businesses that pick up the tab for the call would have greater opportunities to reach out to new customers and stay ahead of their competitors. Customers would likely choose a business with a 0800 free number than those without one. This is because setting up a 0800 free number and being charged for the call would show that the business values their customers.
Furthermore, customers would be willing to spend time to learn more about the company and the products or service they offer because they won’t be paying anything. This will give the business the opportunity to convert each call into a possible paying customer, which in turn provider higher returns and sales. With higher returns and sales, the business would have better opportunities to expand, grow and succeed.
If a business is still concerned about the expenses, then it’s good to know that there are cheap 0800 numbers being offered. Just choose a particular package that best fits the budget.